In Depth Review: iPhone X vs iPhone 8/8 Plus

We would like to give you a very in-depth look at iPhone X vs iPhone 8/8 Plus, how they compare to one another.If you are on the fence about whether or not it’s a worth 300 or 400 extra dollars to go for the iPhone 10 and in which way it’s better, which way it’s worse, we will give you a better idea about which device is better suited for you.We’re gonna be covering everything from software features to hardware and everything in between so let’s get to it which device is better suited for you.

We will start with what is the same with these devices first.




  • checkFrom the outside, these are pretty strikingly different. One is much bigger than the other, the iPhone X fits in the palm of your hand, the others just don’t. The iPhone X is pretty close in size to the iPhone 8 now.
  • checkThey both feature a very similar design with glass on the front and back and the actual type of glass is the same on both of the iPhone 10 and the iPhone 8 and 8 plus series as it is 50% harder than the standard glass on the iPhone 7 and 7 plus.
  • checkAs far as displays go, these phones do have the same technologies when it comes to displays in terms of true tone so they will both adjust the ambiance of the display to the current color temperature in the room giving it a more even look.
  • checkAlso, they are both capable of the same brightness so even though the iPhone X is an organic LED display, it is still capable of the same as the iPhone 8 and 8 plus.
  • checkBoth of these devices are still using ip67 water resistance so that means three feets for 30 minutes not longer.
  • checkBoth are splash resistant but definitely don’t take them in the pool expecting them to survive.
  • checkThe processing power across all three of these devices is the same so you’re gonna get the Apple 11 chip with the neural engine and a loving motion coprocessor on all three devices, they’ll all be just as powerful as each other although it’s not confirmed the iPhone 8 though will be getting a gigabyte less of compared to the eight plus an iPhone 10.
  • checkAll the cameras are 12 megapixel although only the 8 plus and the iPhone 10 will be getting the portrait mode so using an improved version of the existing one, you’re gonna get that effect in some certain locations and pictures that you decide to use that on.
  • checkAll of the devices do have the improved flash units with 2 times better uniformity when taking pictures in the dark with that flash.
  • checkBoth the iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 10 do have the new portrait lighting mode which is in beta.
  • checkSurprisingly, all of the devices can do the 4k 60 frames per second and 1080P 240 frames per second.
  • checkOn the front of the device all three cameras do have the same 7-megapixel sensor although the iPhone 8 can do the portrait mode on the front and the emojis.
  • checkAll the devices do have the 64 and 256 gigabytes storage capacity and all of them do have the Qi wireless standard for wireless charging.
  • checkAll of them do you have fast charging so that’s 30 minutes will give you about 50 percent battery life, that’s pretty good for an iPhone so that is where these similarities ends.



  • checkThe most obvious one is going to be the display. The iPhone X is stainless steel, it’s gonna be a tougher metal, it will resist drops a little bit better. As you know, with an aluminum device, when you drop it onto concrete you get this a gouge. It’s a very soft little, it’s softer than stainless steel but aluminum 7000 is pretty durable. If you drop it from pretty high up, you’ll get a dent, you’ll get a gouge.
  • checkThe colors are also different. On the iPhone 8 plus, you’re gonna get the silver, the Space Gray, and the new gold color.
  • checkThese are going to be in a different class, the plus series is not so simple to use with one hand, you really got a stretch and that’s why it has reach ability. It’s a lot easier to use with one hand the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. The iPhone 8 is comparable in terms of screen size. With this one, it’s just a little bit wider by a few millimeters. The iPhone X does not have reach ability instead you have to go all the way up in order to bring down your Notification Center and control center. The iPhone 10 will be the thickest of the bunch as 7.7 millimeters, the iPhone 8 plus at 7.5 and the iPhone 7s 7.3. Apple has made these devices just a little bit thicker to accommodate more internals, more battery life.
  • checkSo back to the display, obviously on the iPhone X, you get a full bezel less experience, top to bottom, edge to edge displays with a cutouts for the top sensor bar. On the 8 plus, it’s a more conventional square so nothing too exotic but the actual display technology is different. You get organic LED display on the iPhone 10 which means an infinite contrast ratio. The blacks are pure black as each pixel can be turned off individually.
  • checkAs a really impressive screen technology colors are gonna be a little bit more vibrant. In general, it’s just a better display all around.
  • checkNot to mention the PPI or the sharpness of the display is considerably better. You’ve got a 458 pixels per inch density on the 10 a 401 on the iPhone 8 plus and 326 on the standard iPhone 8.
  • checkFront-facing cameras, both are 7 megapixels although the iPhone X is a face ID capable device, meaning it could scan your face a 3d map model of your face can be made and you can do different things with them such as unlock your phone with face ID, pay for certain things with face ID or even do an emoji is a new cool little fun trick that the iPhone X has. The iPhone 8/8 plus are not capable of that, that means it will not be getting portrait mode either in order to take those cool portrait mode effects using your face.
  • checkAs far as cameras go, the iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone 10 all share 12-megapixel sensors but between the 8 plus and the iPhone 10, there are several key differences.
  • checkFor the iPhone X, it has a lower aperture on its telephoto zoom lens and these you’re gonna get a better picture better quality in low-light. It also does have dual optical image stabilized sensors that means as soon as you zoom in on a video or a photo that image will be stabilized.
  • checkThe whole face ID versus touch ID. The iPhone 8 and 8 plus have second-generation touch ID so same as the iPhone 7 and 7 plus: It’s extremely fast, very convenient, you don’t have to be looking at your phone to unlock it every single time.
  • checkJust from the stage demo where face ID was used to unlock the iPhone 10, it seems a little bit slow you had to be looking directly at the iPhone in order for it to be unlocked. If it used to be completely free no boundaries touch ID system where you can go ahead and unlock your phone while it’s in your pocket without looking at it that’s definitely gonna be more of a convenience factor. Face ID will improve with time but right now it just seems a little bit slower than touch ID, a little bit less convenience. And actually in the video demo, the video was cropped, your games will be cropped, the sensor bar literally obstructs a portion of your content whether you’re viewing video or actually playing games. We thought Apple would have cropped the top and bottom with black bars but nope, it’s literally just obstructing your content and if you don’t want that, definitely go for the larger plus-size not to mention these are not comparable, your content will appear bigger on the plus series phones just because it has more room to expand width wise.
  • checkThe iPhone X is a very constrained device, your content will definitely appear smaller than the iPhone 8 plus even though there’s more room with a taller display.
  • checkAnd then the topic of battery life, so all of them do have pretty good battery life. The iPhone 8 and 8 plus have the same as the iPhone 7 plus and the iPhone X has two hours better battery life than the iPhone 7 so where does that put it comparing it to the 8 plus, the iPhone 10 will do an hour less internet usage time and video playback compared to the iPhone 8 plus. So one hour less for this huge display is not a bad deal.
  • checkPrice and release date, so the iPhone 10 definitely carries with it a premium over the iPhone 8 and 8 plus. $200 over the iPhone 8 plus and 300 over the standard iPhone 8. Considering all that, you get for those two $300, it honestly isn’t unreasonable. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 starts at about 932-960 dollars depending on which carrier you have. The iPhone 8/8 plus definitely do have a lot in common with the iPhone 10 but just holding these devices, you can definitely tell this is in a league of its own, in that display, that design, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen from Apple before so personally 300 dollars in order from you get the iPhone x over the standard iPhone 8 is worthy.
  • checkLastly, release states and ease of access to these devices the iPhone 8 and 8 plus will be mass-produced. They’re definitely not a huge departure from the 7 and 7 plus in terms of design, so it was a lot easier for Apple to make a lot of them, that means they’re not gonna sell out as fast and you’ll probably be able to get one if you really want it. To the iPhone 10, this one will be extremely limited out launched and it’s going to be launching a little over a month. It will be released later, it’ll have a smaller supply that means it’ll be harder to get in general so if you definitely wanted to get one, the iPhone 8 and 8 plus series would be easier. But the wait will be worth it for the iPhone X if you really really want to.

So the iPhone 10 and the iPhone 8 and 8 plus do have a lot of similarities, they do have a lot difference but depending on what you’re looking for from these devices is definitely your choice.

In Depth Review: iPhone X vs iPhone 8/8 Plus
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