iPhone X First Walkthrough Impressions (Review)

Apple‘s truly next generation iPhone doesn’t come out until November 3rd. iPhone 10 is one of three new phones, the iPhone 10 is the fanciest one with a new design that gets rid of the home button. It also has a brand new set of facial recognition cameras in front called true depth that replaced touch ID with face ID. So now you’re going to look at your phone and it’s going to scan your face and Apple says this is more secure and easier to use although you’re gonna have to learn a whole new gesture system.

iPhone X First Walkthrough Impressions 2

Hands on: iPhone X First Walkthrough Impressions

You’re going to swipe up to be able to get to your apps or swipe down for control center and to get Siri, you press the side button. All of Apple’s new iPhones have A 11 Bionic processors which Apple says are not only faster but are enhanced for augmented reality and what that means is better tracking, depth sensing, and graphics processing all baked in but what the iPhone 10 also adds is that front-facing camera and all of its associated bells and whistles and there are apps are going to take advantage of this and emoji is going to look at your facial muscle movements and animate emoji.
Snapchat has some new filters that take advantage of true depth too but the question is are you going to want to pay $999 for a phone that starts with 64 GB of storage but goes up to 256 and higher models.
The iPhone 8 is going to be available September 22nd and the iPhone X extra features which include that larger screen, that front-facing camera array and whether or not you want to have face ID.
Camera improvements on the iPhone 10 include dual optical image stabilization cameras on the rear and on the front, you’re going to be able to add portrait mode to your selfies finally.

iPhone 10 is a really cool looking phone. We’d seen this phone all over the internet since it was leaked like crazy but it still looks really cool when they did the official announcement. $1000 for a phone feels insanely expensive to some of us. It’s like what 200 bucks more than the iPhone 8 plus. Is it worth it? We don’t know.

With the iPhone 10, you can’t get anything like it, you can’t get an iPhone 8 plus trim off the edges and be like hey I have an iPhone 10. It’s expensive but we don’t think that it’s a good value and we don’t think that Apple mispriced the phone granted. It’s a terribly expensive phone, so with this expensive price tag comes, some neat hardware the camera features on the front seems pretty advanced.

The keynote and seeing what those cameras can do well, face ID seems kind of interesting. They’re showcasing stuff that you would never use like animated emojis and other AR for the front-facing camera.

It’s neat and the hardware is very impressive but how often are you going to use that like for the first couple of days and then the novelty for that kind of stuff is gonna wear off real quick for most people. So is there that much value in that front-facing camera tech? We do love the way that the phone looks though, like the rounded edges, the bezel look, etc, we love that.
Now there’s one thing that bugs you when they show the iPhone 10 displaying videos the black bar cuts off the video screen which we thought was really weird because on the essential phone which is another bezel-less phone, they leave a black bar where the video is so you don’t cut off any part of the video and on the iPhone 10, the video just runs right behind that black area so maybe you’ll get used to it. Now if you want to make your app or your game compatible with an iPhone 10, you don’t have to reconfigure that whole side of the screen and if you have like an existing game, an older game, you’ll have to go back into that stuff redevelop it so that you kind of shift everything over and the other thing is like if you adapt your game so that it looks proper on the iPhone 10 on the regular iPhones or on an Android device, you now have a gap on the left side where those UI elements used to be just so good look proper on the iPhone 10.

The iPhone X is Apple premiere product. You’re not gonna be able to pre-order until late October, so over a month and a half from now, it won’t be available until early November. Look at the device, it’s a clear difference between the iPhone X and every iPhone before. The display goes almost straight to the edges, it has no home button irony. Let’s go through some of these specs on here. So the first OLED screen that rises to the standard of the iPhone with accurate stunning colors, true blacks, high brightness, with a 1 million to 1 contrast ratio.
It features glass on the front in the back this new iPhone, it is water resistant. Apple does not say it’s waterproof so it’s not like you can go swimming in the ocean with your iPhone and that will be ok. But it is on water resistant so if you spill a little bit of water on this right now, it should be ok.

It has face ID a revolution and recognizer recognization. So basically, if you want to unlock your iPhone, you got to obviously do you a little passcode or you got to do your thumb print. Now with this new iPhone X, it doesn’t have a thumbprint reader so how is it gonna read it? We can basically just read your face, when you put your phone up to your face it will unlock it based upon what your face says in this technology or at least what Apple claims is it was a 1 in 50,000 chance that someone a random person could touch your phone and unlock for them. This facial recognition is about a one in a million they claim so much better odds.
Both rear cameras have optical image stabilization in fast lenses for outstanding photos and videos in the low-light, so that’s a good thing as we know the biggest weakness with smartphones is low-light situations that have always been the case for smart phones.
The wide-angle and telephoto cameras on the iPhone X enable optical zoom, as well as the digital zoom of up to 10 times for photos 6 times four videos. This is absolutely amazing dual 12-megapixel cameras it has on it.
It has a neural engine. Introducing an A 11 Bionic, the most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone with a neural engine that’s capable of 600 billion operations per second.
Faster CPU the for efficiency cores in the all-new CPU are up to 70% faster than A10 fusion chip which was in the latest iPhone the iPhone 7 and 2 performance cores are up to 25% faster.
It has adaptive recognition which we just talked about machine learning let’s face ID adapt to physical changes in your appearance over time which is something it really needs to do because we know in this day and age people gain weight and lose weight like crazy, your face has probably changed a little bit not like super drastic but your face has probably changed a little bit over the last couple months just because you’ve lost some weight so when you make those changes and something happens or you say you have makeup on versus not having makeup on if you’re a female, if your phone doesn’t have the ability to recognize those changes that’s a bad thing otherwise you’re not gonna be able to get on your phone.
It does have those capabilities the thing we were most impressed about at this phone probably of anything, there are definitely some things to be impressed of was the power efficiency: A second generation performance controller in custom battery design that lasts up to two hours longer than iPhone 7 so you would think with all these you know improvements, all these better chips, the new neural engine like all this stuff you would think the power would go down, the battery time would go down, they’ve actually increased it by almost two hours part of that’s probably because it’s a 5.8 inch display versus iPhone 7 that’s a 4.7 so you can’t put nearly as big a battery in that but it’s still it’s impressive regardless an extra two hours. Everybody needs more smartphone time.
Augmented reality that a 11 Bionic powers extraordinary augmented reality experiences in games and apps that’s gonna be some pretty cool technology. And then wireless charging.
This is something to pay attention to for any of you that own stocks as some of these transaction type companies because now you can pay your friends in messages. Let’s Siri be your translator. You can pay your friends inside messages. If you own any stocks that are related to something that you know they make a transaction fee based on you go to an app. A lot of people will just be paying friends inside that messages rather than doing it this way or that way.

That’s the iPhone 10 in a nutshell but it’s a phone that’s coming out a lot later than the iPhone 8 which is going to be available next week we’ll see whether or not the difference is going to be a difference for other people whether people want to wait.

iPhone X First Walkthrough Impressions (Review)
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