10 Best Video Editing Laptops (Updated 2017)

List of the top 10 best and most affordable laptops for video editing and now to be fair. You’re better off with a proper desktop computer for a dedicated productivity task like video editing in terms of specs, in terms of hard drive space, in terms of practicality, in terms of everything you get a lot more power a dime for the book if you go with a desktop computer. But some people want to be able to edit their videos on the go and they want to be able to do it somewhat affordable but nevertheless, we can’t recommend a cheaper laptop for video editing because you’re going to pull your hair out and that’s not a good thing. The video editing laptop requires a laptop that’s dependable and reasonably powerful that’s an understatement, a subpar netbook is simply insufficient if you want an excruciating user experience of stuttering performance and exorbitant rendering times, then try editing 1080p video or even 4k video on a machine with an Intel Atom processor hardy-har. If your computer has just one or two gigabytes of RAM and an integrated GPU editing will be virtually impossible to effectively use high-end video editing software and be genuinely productive requires above-average.

Number five on the list the Dell Inspiron 5000, this is one of the best built and well-constructed laptops you’ll find at this price point which is not a gaming laptop. This laptop is strictly for editing a normal day-to-day usage and is not made for gaming because it does not have a dedicated GPU but the upside of not having a dedicated GPU is the reduction in price which makes this laptop the cheapest on this list the laptop has good specs all around, which include an Intel Core i7 7500 u processor eight gigabytes of RAM or one terabyte hard drive and 15.6 inch 1080p display which is convertible and also has touchscreen capability editing performance is all-around really good and can handle 1080p video editing really easily as well as a little bit of wood key editing.
Number four on the list is the Asus ROG Strix. This laptop has a very good build, a very good display and also has very good performance. It comes in black with a brushed metal design and orange actions across the back and front of the laptop and has a very gilmurry look. Its specs are also not too bad. It counts with an Intel Core i7 7700 HP processor along with the NVIDIA GTX 1050 16 gigabytes of RAM, a one terabyte hard drive and a 17 inch 1080p display which looks good because of those specs.
This laptop performs really good throughout windows and it’s good for gaming as well as editing.
Video editing on 1080p and even up is not a problem and photo editing is handled easily as well.
Number three on the list the Dell Inspiron 7567. This is right now one of the most popular gaming and editing notebooks. It has all the things required for a good laptop, it has a good build and design, a good display and great performance for the price of $800. It is mostly made of metal and comes in some different colors like red and black. It features the Intel Core i7 7700 HQ processor eight gigabytes of RAM, a one terabyte hard drive about looking 1080p display and the best part about this laptop the NVIDIA GTX 950 Ti, the GPU is by far the best thing about this laptop as it turns this laptop into a gaming laptop. The editing performance, as well as gaming performance on this laptop, is great.
Number two on the list is the Lenovo IdeaPad 700. With the Lenovo IdeaPad 700, Lenovo is trying to claim the title of the best value for gamers and the best value editing laptop price in $970. This laptop offers a good design, a bright display and amazing audio with the speakers without skimping on performance. You get some really good performance with this laptop with its specs which include an Intel core i7 ct-782 processor, the NVIDIA GTX 970m, GPU 16 gigabytes of RAM. A hard drive and 256 gigabytes SSD combo and a 1080p IPS display which looks very good for the price. You get some really cool extras with this laptop as well the speakers on this are really good with good volume clarity and bass.
Number one on the list is the Acer Aspire V X 15. This might be the best laptop that you can buy for under $1000 regardless of what type of laptop that you want. It has some of the best build quality of any laptop you can find as it is made out of really premium materials and is a pretty thin and light laptop when comparing it to other gaming laptops and such it also has some really good specs which include an Intel Core i7 7700 HP processor, 16 gigabytes of RAM, a 256 gigabyte SSD and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. The laptop also has a very good 1080p display with good colors and contrast editing performance is great as expected and it can handle 1080p as well as 4k editing without any problem.


10 Best Video Editing Laptops (Updated 2017)
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