7 Best iPhone Photography Apps

Taking photos by phone is now a trending, and one thing for sure is photos taken by phone are considered to be the best ones. I’m going to show you my favorite apps for taking great photos.

Camera +

Besides Instagram, Camera + has pretty much everything you could hope for out of any sort of photography apps. You can do slow shutters which is really cool. And if you don’t know what a long exposure is or slow shutter, you can find the tutorial easily on Google.

But basically, with Camera +, you can set a manual exposure of up to 30 seconds which is super cool. You can do super fast shutter or super slow shutter then you can also mess with your iso, white balance and you can have such a low iso, you can do slow shutters during the day in the midday.

You can also do macro mode which is good for close up shots. You can do camera reception with macro mode. Another thing you can do with this app is you can use a timer about 30 seconds so if you want to take some cool selfies or anything, timers are really helpful.

Slow Shutter Cam

Another photography app I use is slow shutter app which is $1.00 in the App Store right now and even it does slow shutters so I honestly think Camera plus is better, however, if you wanna save $2, this app is for you.
But I do think that it’s worth spending money on.


We can do 360 panoramas, you fill in this void and you get really cool shots.
Like this one


Another fantastic photography app for iPhone is Pro HDR which is really great for when you want to take a photo of something really bright and dark at the same time, particularly sunsets, even though the iPhone does have an HDR mode on it, this one is way more effective and it has all the settings you can mess with to make sure you get the best looking HDR.


If you’re cheap and you want a longer timer and your camera for self-portraits or anything, TimerCam is free. It does have an advertise on it but it does the trick and it’s super simple. You can do a 5 through the 30-second timer and that’s it. The iPhone can only do a 10-second timer and sometimes we want to to get further away from your camera, it’s nice to have a longer timer. However, you can do 30-second in camera plus so I highly recommend you just get camera plus.


iMovie for editing videos, Flickr for finding good movies gets a boom for making gifs yourself.
Visco is the cool one. It has some really good filters which are nice.