10 Best iPhone Apps You Need for Studying

Out of storage space!!! But you only have a hundred and fifty three apps on my iPhone! How is that even possible? Which one should you delete? Oh no you need this one and this one is your savior when it comes to math class and this one keeps your life in order. Let’s see the 10 best iPhone apps you need for studying, which are really useful and make your studying a whole lot easier.

1. Mind Maple

This app is great for making mind maps and showing connections between information. You can use this to study any subject and it’s really convenient because if you don’t feel like getting out a big sheet of cardboard then you can just create your own mind maps on your phone and take them with you to study on the go.


The next app is called Exams and it acts as a countdown for when you get your exams. It’s great because using this app can be help you to be more motivated to get working and make sure you’re fully prepared for finals. You just have to write down the subject and allocated a color at its due date and then the clock starts counting down the hours and days until you have to take your exams.

3. Quizlet

Quizlet makes studying on the go really easy. You can make their own set of flashcards on this app and I find it’s really helpful whether you’re learning new words for a second language or trying to memorize definition for a class such as biology or psychology.

4. Duolingo

Another app that saves your student life is Duolingo. It makes learning a second language so much fun. It also uses a little games and images to make learning new words and phrases easier too and as you improve the activities level of difficulty increases too.


The first app is called Timetable and it’s pretty self-explanatory but really handy to have. It’s right because you can record your timetable and also any tasks you need to remember. You can also color code your subjects as well and having your timetable on your phone means you never have to worry about forgetting when you have a lecture or tutorial to go to.

6. Essentials

If you’re looking to improve your vocabulary and quiz yourself with new words and phrases then Essentials is the one you must have.

7. Pomodoro

Pomodoro works on a timer so that you study for as long as the timer is counting down and then take a short break before going back to study some more. It uses the method of counting down because it motivates you to keep studying since you want to try and make the most of the short time you have left.

8. Breathe Relax

Considering school and studying can sometimes be stressful, you will need some apps to help you stay calm. Breathe Relax is one of the best iPhone apps for studying that help you relax. You can rate your level of stress at the beginning then there’s a short breathing exercise you can do. Also, as you do them, there’s a little meter on the side to help you slow down your breathing and help you to focus on something other than your feelings of stress or worries going on your mind.

9. Calm

Another app that helps you to stay calm is Calm. You can do short relaxation exercises with this app. There are guides for exercise where you can listen to an instructor and use it to help you focus on your breathing and also relax your body. There are calming sounds and imagery that help you calm and relax as well.

10. Evernote

The last app is Evernote. This app is really really useful because you can use it to take a photo of any document, to do handouts whatever you like you can now keep it on your phone and it’s honestly like scanning a document only much more convenient and easy. Also, you can make yourself reminder on this app as well which is so handy.